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Steam of Consciousness

Thinking girls' crumpet

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Keith Lard
5 July 1972

I'm a friendly little phone who likes biscuits, and hugs. Walk lightly, for you tread on my face.

Lookit my photos!

If you are fanatically obsessive about me, which you should be, here is the latest musick I've been listening to:

This is my Amazon Wishlist if you want to buy me lots of presents! :D

Wishlist for keithlard

I am intrested in making websites eg Cribbage Corner.
43folders, beethoven built my hot-rod, being all "so?", being half icelandic, being lemon fresh, being rubbish white gangsta, biking home drunk, bird noticing, blackadder, blake's 7, calling myself art vandelay, calvin and hobbes, carl sagan, cat/baby hybrid, church of emacs, comparing life to seinfeld, constantly re-reading dune, cooking to music, curry cooking and eating, doing crosswords without pen, doing good by stealth, drinken das poshbiers, driving my audi, earth and other planets, eating all possible cheeses, eating nothing but crisps, envying people with macs, evangelising open source, extolling virtues of cornwall, flirting outrageously, flying and breaking kites, following the tao, gesturing and talking italian, getting aroused by stationery, getting excited about pizza, getting things done, go the board game, going on minibreaks, hipster pda, holding hands a lot, hotel towels and showers, intelligent chicks are hott, kissing for hours, knowing about stars, laughing maniacally at achewood, learning languages michel thomas-style, lee and herring, lifehacks, linux geekery, listening to nina simone, living entirely on bacon, long walks, look around you, looking at the sea, making people happy, meaningless insults ("your face!"), motorway service station toilets, my medium is light, over-engineered leatherman tools, pasties if cornish ones, peter and alison smithson, pg wodehouse, philosophy, portishead, pottering round bookshops, pretentious minimalist composers, programming, quoting alan partridge, radio four, reading about baffling physicks, reading on the tube, recognising different trees, revering douglas adams, richard dawkins, richard feynman, rilo kiley, seinfeld, sleeping, slightly being a buddhist, snuggling, sossidges, spanish, speaking bad french, spontaneous inexplicable joy, surprising people with esperanto, surreptitious photography, taking photergraphs, talking like roast beef, talking like the wire, targeted acts of kindness, the little phone, the simpsons, the smiths, the three investigators, thinking about girls, unix is groovy, warm photocopies, washing with nice soap, we are history, wir sind helden, world dryer corporation, worshipping st bach, yoga occasionally

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